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How have you found working from home so far?

As with many people around the world, this pandemic took me by surprise. We all had to make changes to the way we work, parent, socialise and relate to others. Most of the time it felt that most of us were making up as we went along, learning along the way what felt right and what didn’t – for me, it still feels like a learning curve.

Although it has been over a year since covid-19 came to light, sometimes it still feels surreal.

As a therapist I had to move to telephone and online counselling and soon ‘Zoom’ became a regular part of my vocabulary. I paused face-to-face work in November and I really miss seeing my clients but I am happy I can still work remotely.

Having said that, being able to provide remote counselling from my home proved challenging at times. Due to the nature of the work a quiet, calm environment is a must. Finding that proved challenging with home deliveries becoming a necessity and a dog whose favourite pastime is barking at the postman.

With time, we were all able to adapt and luckily, I have found a nook to work from which is slowly becoming more comfortable and inviting. But more importantly it can provide me with the safe, calm and confidential space I need in order to work.

Here’s a picture of my working space and my dog Benji who isn’t always present during to my sessions as ‘quiet’ is still a bit challenging for him despite him being nearly 11 years old, but I am glad to say that he totally understands the importance of confidentiality.

What do you think of my working space?

I also would like to add some prints to the blue wall behind me. I had initially printed some of my two favourite quotes (I love a quote) but somehow, I would like something without words so ideas for prints will be welcome.

Take care of yourself,


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