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I have lived in the UK for a long time and have been fortunate enough to interact with people from various cultures through my personal life and work.

Throughout the ups and downs of life, I have attended therapy. It helped me discover the strength to accept my past and recognise that, although I can’t change what happened, I can pilot the course of my future and govern how I want to live.

After studying Psychology and working for years in HR (mainly in the education sector), I found myself becoming drawn more towards the people (and their well-being) aspect of the job. This eventually led me along the path of becoming a Counsellor.

Having also worked as a mediator for workplace disputes, I understand the importance of communication between people, and that's what drew me to couples counselling. I believe that by guiding individuals through a process of discussing their issues, their relationship can improve.

Through my work with couples, I noticed that sexual concerns were often present in the background of their issues but not frequently addressed. To enhance my work with clients, I chose to specialise in this area and am currently completing my final year of a Master in Psychosexual Therapy (due to finish in July 2024). I have previously worked as a Counsellor in a LGBTQI+ charity, at a rape crisis centre and in the NHS as a Trainee Psychosexual Therapist. 

I believe that the therapeutic relationship is crucial, and it's essential to choose someone whom you feel is a good match for you. I approach my work with a down-to-earth and relational mindset. I am empathetic while also being direct when needed.

Find out more about my experience with individuals, couples and psychosexual therapy and get in touch.  If you feel we might be a good fit, click here to book an introductory call before agreeing to work together or to book your first session. 

Take care, 



  • Masters in Contemporary Psychosexual Therapy (studying, final year)

  • Diploma in Integrative Counselling  

  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology 

  • Masters in Human Resource Management

I am a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), fully insured and I hold an enhanced DBS check. 

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

I love learning and these are some of the most recent trainings I have attended:

  • Supporting Adult Survivors of Abuse

  • Making the most of genograms & and systemic questions 

  • Working therapeutically with Kinky Clients

  • Attachment Issues within an Intimate Relationship

  • Racism in the Therapeutic Space

  • The Neuroscience of being in a couple

  • Working With Gender & Sexual Diversity

  • Various courses on working with couples

If you have made this far here's a bit more about me

This may not be of any relevance to you but just in case you are interested here's some personal information about me:

  • I was born in Brazil but have been living in the UK for over 17 years.

  • I can speak both English and Portuguese fluently and I am adept at working in both languages. I also communicate very badly in Spanish. 

  • I prefer summer over winter due to its brighter and warmer days. However, snow does make me smile. 

  • I love the beach and the sound of the waves. 

  • I love learning new skills - in the last couple of years I learned how to play chess, did some kickboxing, attempted paddle boarding and I am now learning how to play tennis. 

  • I recently experienced the loss of a pet and can truly understand the importance of pets in our lives.


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