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Walk and Talk therapy

Walk and Talk therapy is a simple variation of traditional counselling, engaged outdoors, where we walk side by side. For some people talking to a Counsellor in an office setting or online can be intimidating. Walk and Talk eliminates that feeling as we walk together side by side in a peaceful setting, sharing the same path.


Walking therapy gets you moving - both literally and figuratively - and reaping benefits mentally and physically. Being outdoors in a natural environment is easy, natural, and relaxing. You set your own walking pace, from a gentle stroll to a brisk pace - whatever you are comfortable with. The emphasis will be on therapy, walking, and exposure to nature's secondary benefits. ​

Initial session

Our initial session will be held via telephone/online. Once we agree to work together, we will discuss any relevant details (i.e. place, time, fee, etc) and most importantly we will also discuss issues of confidentiality and how we will negotiate to encounter other people when out walking. Whether in a park, by a beach or in town, seeing people walking and talking side by side is a very common sight. A client and therapist walking side by side don’t look any different.


The focus of walk-and-talk therapy is not on how fast or far you can walk but on your process and what you are comfortable with.



Hyde Hall (CM3 8RA): Set in a landscape of rolling hills and with beatific panoramic views. Entry to my clients isn't charged in addition to the session fee. Free parking. 


PS: If you want to try a different route, let me know. As long as we establish before the session that the walking route itself is safe for each of us (and the location is suitable), other routes could be a possibility.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Can we switch to online/telephone if I find I don’t enjoy this? Or can we alternate from week to week?
Absolutely. Again, it is your choice to take the session outdoors for a Walk & Talk session or to have it online (i.e. zoom/facetime) or via telephone. I respect your choice and honour what feels best for you.


What about confidentiality when we are outdoors?

Confidentiality is an essential part of my work. However, with Walk and Talk Therapy, there are limitations to confidentiality due to the outdoor nature of counselling. These limitations are discussed at the initial appointment. 


For example, we can work together to maintain the highest level of confidentiality by changing our pace if others are around to get more space from them, or take a completely different route. If needed, we can go and find a more secluded place and sit in the sunshine for a while to continue our session where you feel the most comfortable.


If someone we know approaches us, we may avoid introductions and politely excuse ourselves from the conversation. We will discuss the best approach during our initial consultation/first appointment. I will always follow your lead and never compromise your confidentiality and will follow the plan we have discussed.


Do I have to be fit to undertake Walk and Talk Therapy?

Walk and Talk therapy is not about how far you walk, nor how fast. We will walk at your pace and should you wish (depending on where we are walking) we may also be able to sit down, etc. 


At the initial appointment, I will send you a Disclaimer stating that you have discussed any health concerns with your GP. Agreeing to work together acts as an acknowledgement that you agree to participate in Walk and Talk Therapy, knowing there can be risks associated with the outdoor nature of the therapy.


Can I bring my dog to the outdoor session with me?

Dogs, although lovely to be around, can take up the time you need for yourself so, unless your dog is a registered support dog, I wouldn't generally allow dogs in the sessions. 


How would the weather impact on our sessions? 

 As your Counsellor, I will be guided by you at all times. It depends on you and what you feel is best for you in that moment. Sometimes, we might grab our umbrellas and head off to our walk anyway, or you might decide you are not comfortable being outdoors, and we can have our session via telephone or online (i.e. zoom, facetime).​

What to wear?

I would recommend that you wear clothes that are comfortable for you and walking/trainer shoes that you do not mind getting a little dirty. 

To arrange an initial phone call, click here

"When life feels too big to handle, go outside. 

Everything looks smaller when you are standing under the sky."


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