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Well-being / Peer support group

With over twenty years experience in HR (Chartered, MCIPD) along my experience as a Counsellor, I noticed staff well-being was dependent not only on the workplace but also on life outside work as well as their relationships with their colleagues. Many specific issues in these areas of people’s lives can have an effect on their performance and happiness at work.


In order to address these issues, I work alongside businesses to create a group in which employees can support each other. Employees have the opportunity participate in this group facilitated and overseen by a qualified Counsellor. There are many benefits of such groups but mainly it creates solidarity through employees offering support to one another and creating understanding they are not alone as others might be struggling with similar issues.


If you would like to receive more information about how I work and your organisation needs, please get in touch.



Workplace Mediation

Conflict in the workplace costs UK businesses £33 billion through reduced workplace performance, higher staff turnover, absenteeism, and many other costs. It is estimated that UK businesses lose 370 million working days a year and leaders spend up to 20% of their time dealing with conflict in the workplace.


The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution found that Mediation saved UK businesses £2.86 billion per year through effectively stopping conflicts escalating. Mediation can stop workplace conflicts before grievance and discipline procedures have to be followed and before a minor conflict leads on to become an Employment Tribunal case.


Mediation is an entirely voluntary process that provides an impartial, confidential environment for those involved. The mediator explores the nature of the issue and finds a way to support the parties involved to find ways of improving the working relationship.


Mediation can be used in most workplace conflicts between 2 or more employees no matter what their position in the organisation. 


Both ACAS and Employment Tribunals actively encourage parties to engage in mediation as it is proven to resolve conflicts, improve communication, restore trust and allow the parties to move forward avoiding the heavy cost attached to claims.


If you are not sure if Mediation may be appropriate, contact me for a free consultation.

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